Indonesia is the World’s Largest Producer and Exporter of Palm Oil. Currently accounts for 55% of World Palm Oil Production.


Farmimex is one of The Largest Exporters and Suppliers of RBD – Refined, Bleached and Deodorized Palm Oil from Indonesia.


10 LITERS (2,490 UNITS / 20’ FEET FCL)
18 LITERS (1,318 UNITS / 20’ FEET FCL)
20 LITERS (1,318 UNITS / 20’ FEET FCL)
25 LITERS (1,068 UNITS / 20’ FEET FCL)


Our Premium Quality RBD Palm Olein is most suitable for Cooking, Frying and Salad Dressing. RBD Palm Olein is 100% Vegetable Cooking Oil.

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Indonesia is the World’s Largest Producer and Exporter of Palm Oil.

Palm Oil Production is important to the Economy of Indonesia as the country is the World’s Biggest Producer and Exporter of the commodity. Indonesia providing more than half of the World’s Supply of Palm Oil.

Production and Exports of Indonesia Palm Oil

Indonesia currently accounts for 55% of World Palm Oil Production and 60% of World Exports. The Entire Production of the Palm Oil derived from Indonesia’s Rainforest which ranks third in the World, the other two being in the Amazon and Congo basins.

Indonesia Palm Oil Production In 2018


(40.5 Million - Metric Tons)
Indonesia Palm Oil Exports In 2018


(29.5 Million - Metric Tons)

Welcome to Farmimex!

Leading Exporter and Supplier of Indonesia Palm Oil

FARMIMEX is a well-established Commodity Trading Company, which continues to characterize itself through Exports of Superior Quality Palm Vegetable Cooking Oil from Indonesia. We are Suppliers of a Wide Range of RBD Palm Olein Grades include CP6, CP8 and CP10. These Grades of RBD Palm Olein are most Traded in Palm Oil Industry of Indonesia. Our Palm Oil Products catered to the satisfaction of consumers in over 60 destinations around the World especially in African Countries.

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Indonesia Palm Oil Grades

100% Pure Vegetable Cooking Oil

RBD Palm Oil from Indonesia

Naturally Stable – Naturally Healthy

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indonesia palm oil production

Palm Oil Production in Indonesia

Borneo and Sumatra are the two islands that account for 96% of Indonesia’s Palm Oil production. 50% Palm Oil Production of Indonesia is processed into Cooking Oil, about 75% which is Exported, while the rest is consumed locally.

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health benefits of palm oil

Health Benefits of Palm Oil

Palm Oil is the Better Choice. It has multiple Health Benefits. Palm Oil is loaded with various Nutrients that enhance the level of energy, promote vision, enhance immune power and prevent cancer. It is also easier for the body to digest.

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indonesia palm oil nutrition calories

Nutrition and Calories in Palm Oil

Palm Oil is balanced oil and 100% fat, which is contains equal amount of fat. 50% Saturated and 50% Unsaturated. Palm oil is virtually Cholesterol-Free like other Vegetables Cooking Oil. It also contains Vitamin-E and Vitamin-K.

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